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Tel: 08442 254 522

Tel: 08442 254 522

Virtual Board Appointments

Virtual Board Appointments

Many professional firms will be able to offer you advice on how to run your business at a senior or strategic level.  

Virtual Board, however, can provide you with individuals who have been there, sat in your seat and learned how to run a successful business in a vast array of ways …

Board Level Recruitment

As you grow your business, you will need to constantly add to the senior skill base and that means recruiting at the top table.  In SME's and privately owned businesses, this is not only a time consuming exercise but when you own a business it's a personal and emotional decision.

Sewell Portfolio, with its partner business Venturexec …


Your business, at all times, is going through a phase.  Be that a growth, stabilisation or even downsizing phase, this change often requires assistance to make it effective.  

The 'Portfolio Team' has contacts with individuals, teams and business partners that can help you make this process as effective as possible. …

Funding and Financial

As the economy evolves, cash and funding will play an increasingly important part in your future activity.  Having the right funding and financial partners in place is essential - crucial, in fact.

Portfolio is your key to achieving this. With 'Portfolio Team', we have the most comprehensive contact base in the …


Your business has a product or a service which it needs to get to market - either in the region, the UK or overseas.  

Here at Portfolio, our extensive list of partners, clients and contacts are interested in making their business better and stronger. We believe in fostering strong links within our partner network and will always …


Businesses go through challenging times and businesses make mistakes!  People who have run businesses know this happens and they know that what matters is how a business responds.

Portfolio has spent time building relationships with the right restructuring partners, with teams and businesses who …

'High Net Worth' individuals

Private Equity and Venture Capital firms offer a great way to take your business to the next level.

Modelling plays a very large role in the funding sector and whilst "The Model" certainly works, it doesn't follow that things "Outside The Model" don't work.

For many, PE/VC investment …

Support for all business situations …

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Virtual Board Appointments


Funding / Finance

Board Level Recruitment



High Net Worth


Which Services can we help you with ?

Sewell Portfolio

At Portfolio, it's simple - "Saying it doesn't count… Doing it does!"

Running a successful business is about being exceptionally good at what you do, focusing on what you are good at and capitalising on your own skill set.

At Sewell Portfolio, we are focused and interested in assisting you and your business deal with both positive and negative issues that you will incur whilst trying to run your business and grow it to its full potential.

We work on a range of different levels and in a 360? manner, ensuring we can offer support from all sides of any situation.

What sets us apart?  There are many businesses in the professional service arena who will tell you they can help.  

Here at Portfolio, we have spent a large amount of time in the Professional Services arena but more importantly we have also spent many years in business, building and running successful organisations, leading and shaping policy and strategy.  Being involved in the blood, sweat and tears of the front line and we know what it feels like to run a strong, successful business.

We offer a range of services and partnership which you can access to create a bespoke programme to help you drive your business forward through any challenge and get you access to the people you need and get back to running your business.

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